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Dentures vs Dental Implants: Which Is Right For Me?

Are you missing all or most of your teeth? Maybe you were in an accident, or perhaps your dentist needed to extract your teeth due to infections or decay. For many years, the only common option was to replace your teeth with traditional dentures. But these days, more people are choosing to replace missing teeth with dental implants instead of traditional dentures.

Are dentures or implants a better option for you? Keep reading to discover the benefits of both tooth replacement solutions.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

When you’re missing most or all of your teeth, your dentist may recommend a type of implant called all-on-four implants. Basically, you’ll have four screws implanted into your jaw bone. Crowns to replace each of your missing teeth will be attached to those four screws.

Dental implants do need to be surgically implanted. However, the surgical process is simple, and typically patients heal with few to no complications and minimal discomfort. Here are some key advantages of implants over dentures.

They Look Real

Once your mouth heals, your dental implants will look just like normal teeth. Your dentist will customize the shade of the crowns so they are the perfect color of white to suit your preferences. Dentures, by comparison, do tend to look a little more noticeable, especially if someone looks at them close-up.

They Don’t Move

Dentures are known for loosening and moving around during the day. Dental implants, on the other hand, don’t budge. Your jaw bone grows around the implant in a process called osseointegration. This makes the implants strong and stable.

You Can Eat Whatever You Want

People with dentures often have to avoid really chewy, crunchy foods as they can dislodge the dentures or be hard to chew. With implants, you won’t have any food restrictions. You can munch on crunchy pretzels, enjoy some taffy, or chew gum without worries.

You Don’t Have to Remove Them

Traditional dentures need to be removed, stored, and cleaned every night. People often find this to be a hassle. You may also feel self-conscious when people see you without your dentures in.

Dental implants do not need to be removed from your mouth. You clean them just like you would clean your natural teeth – with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Good oral hygiene is still important to keep your gums healthy, but you won’t need to learn any new skills to keep your implants clean.

You’ll Speak Clearly

People who get dentures sometimes struggle to speak clearly, at least at first. You’ll need to relearn how to position your tongue and make certain sounds. This is far less of a concern with dental implants. Once they’re in place, you will be able to speak as clearly as ever.

The Benefits of Dentures

While most people do find implants preferable to dentures, there are times when dentures are the better choice. Here are some benefits you can look forward to if you do choose traditional dentures to replace your teeth.

Surgery Is Not Necessary

If you do not wish to undergo implant surgery, then dentures are a good alternative to implants. Your dentist will make a mold of your jaw and then have dentures custom-made for a perfect fit. There are no incisions involved, and you won’t have to wait for your jaw to heal.

Some people have weak jaw bone or a condition like osteoporosis that makes post-surgical complications more likely. If you’re in this boat, then dentures may be a better choice than dental implants.

You Get Nearly Instant Results

With dental implants, there is a waiting period while you heal. With dentures, on the other hand, there is a lot less waiting involved. You typically only need to wait for your dentures to be made. That often means that you’ll get your replacement smile sooner.

Dentures Can Be Cheaper

Costs vary, but dentures are often more affordable than dental implants. Plus, some insurance companies cover dentures but not dental implants. If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to ask your dentist for specific prices and use those quotes to guide your choice between implants and dentures.

Dental implants are often a better choice than dentures, but there are exceptions. Contact West Broad Dental in Falls Church to learn more, or to schedule a consultation. Our specialists will be happy to help.

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