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What Are Dental Implants?


The blog post “What Are Dental Implants?” on the West Broad Dental website provides an in-depth look at dental implants as a solution for missing or damaged teeth. It explains the nature of dental implants, crafted from titanium and other materials, and how they are surgically placed into the jawbone to support various types of dental prostheses. The article also explores the benefits of dental implants, including improved oral health, aesthetics, convenience, durability, and increased self-confidence. Moreover, it discusses who might be a suitable candidate for dental implants and how the procedure is performed. It concludes by inviting readers to schedule an appointment with West Broad Dental to explore their options for dental implants.

Dental implants are a great option for replacing lost or damaged teeth. They are a permanent solution that can provide a person with a beautiful and natural-looking smile. This blog post will discuss dental implants, their benefits, and the procedure involved in getting them. We will also discuss who is a good candidate for dental implants, and by the end of this post, you will have a better understanding of dental implants and their advantages.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a tried and true way to replace missing teeth. They are artificial structures made of titanium and other materials, which are surgically placed into the jawbone to support a dental prosthesis like a crown, bridge, denture, or facial prosthesis.

The implant is usually shaped like a screw, cylinder, or plate and placed in the jawbone during a surgical procedure. As the jawbone heals, it forms a tight bond with the implant, creating a secure foundation for the prosthesis.

Dental implants are designed to mimic the look and feel of natural teeth. The dentist will make a small incision in the gum tissue and place the implant directly into the jawbone during the surgical procedure.

Over time, the implant will fuse with the jawbone and become a strong anchor for a prosthetic tooth. Once the implant has been secured, the prosthetic tooth will be attached to it, providing a natural-looking replacement for the missing tooth. With proper care and maintenance, dental implants can last a lifetime.

What are Implant Dentures

Implant dentures are a type of dental prosthesis used to replace missing teeth. Unlike traditional dentures, implant dentures are attached to the jawbone using dental implants, which provide more excellent stability and security than conventional dentures. Implant dentures are designed to look and feel like natural teeth, allowing the patient to maintain a beautiful smile.

Benefits of Implant Dentures

Implant dentures provide several benefits over traditional dentures. Since they are securely attached to the jawbone, they eliminate common problems associated with conventional dentures, such as slipping, movement, and irritation.

Additionally, implant dentures can improve chewing ability and help preserve the jawbone’s structure by providing stimulation similar to natural teeth. With proper care and maintenance, implant dentures can last for many years, providing a long-term solution for missing teeth.

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants replace the root portion of a missing tooth to which an artificial tooth is attached. An implant is typically composed of titanium and other biocompatible materials that help to ensure a secure attachment. The implant is placed in the jawbone, which eventually fuses with the surrounding bone through osseointegration.

This fusion creates a solid and secure base for the artificial tooth while preventing any shifting or discomfort. To place the implant, an oral surgeon or prosthodontist must first drill a small hole in the jawbone and insert the implant. After it is inserted, the implant is covered with a temporary crown or restoration while it fuses to the surrounding bone.

This process usually takes anywhere from three to six months. Once the implant is fully healed and secure, a permanent crown or restoration is attached.

Who are dental implants for?

Dental implants are suitable for most people in good general health, although there are a few exceptions. If you are missing one or more teeth and have healthy gums and adequate jawbone structure, you may be a candidate for dental implants. Depending on your specific needs, your dentist can customize a plan that is best for you.

There are several types of patients who may benefit from dental implants. Those who suffer from a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth, or a completely edentulous (without teeth) mouth can find relief through dental implant treatment.

Dental implants are also ideal for those who need extra support for dentures, bridges, and partials. Patients who cannot wear traditional dentures because of bone loss may also be good candidates for dental implants. People with allergies to metals such as nickel may benefit from generally hypoallergenic titanium implants.

No matter what type of patient you are, there is likely a dental implant solution that fits your needs. Talk to your dentist today to determine if dental implants are right for you.

What Are The Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants have become the best solution for replacing missing or damaged teeth. They provide various benefits, including improved oral health, aesthetics, and convenience.

1. Improved Oral Health 

Dental implants help to preserve the jawbone structure and prevent the teeth from shifting out of place. This helps maintain the face’s natural shape and prevent the formation of gaps that could lead to problems with chewing, speaking, and more.

2. Better Aesthetics

Implants are made to resemble your natural teeth closely and can be made in different colors and shapes to match your existing teeth. This helps to provide you with a natural-looking smile.

3. Greater Convenience 

Unlike traditional dentures, dental implants do not need to be removed for cleaning. You simply brush and floss your implants like natural teeth, making them easier to care for and less time-consuming.

4. Durability

Dental implants are designed to last a lifetime with proper care. With regular maintenance and check-ups, they can even last longer than natural teeth.

5. Improved Confidence

Feeling more confident about your appearance can lead to improved self-esteem, better social interactions, and greater overall well-being. With the right dental implants, you can feel more confident in your smile and enjoy a more positive outlook.

These are just a few of the many benefits of getting dental implants. Whether you’re looking to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants can provide a solution that looks and feels just like your natural teeth.

Final Thought 

Dental implants offer a unique, permanent solution to missing teeth, providing a secure base for replacement teeth and improving the look and feel of your smile. If you think dental implants might be right for you, request an appointment with West Broad Dental today and discuss your options with our friendly team. We look forward to helping you regain a beautiful and healthy smile!

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